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School Holiday Juniors Camp at Waverley Synthetic.

School Holiday Juniors Camp at Waverley Synthetic.


Week 1: September 25th, 26th & 27th 9am-3pm


Week 2: October 4th, 5th & 6th 9am-3pm


Camps head coach Nacho Zamorano is leading his group of coaches to make sure the kids have plenty of fun.


We also have the popular Girls only Groups back.


Details are on the flyer but please don't hesitate to email enquiries to footballcamp@waverleyoldboys.com


Late pick up is available with our after camp care option for parents who can't get out of work early enough.


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Top Goal Scorers


M. Nesbitt 13

C. Cody 10


J. Kennedy 6

B. Rosengren 6


T.Garry 11

A. Aylward 7

AA3 Saturday

B. Rosengren 10

N. Leo 4


E. Fajardo 12

J. Madero 8


J. Curtis 7

P. Somogy 5

D. Vidovic 5

D. De Caires 5


S. Goodman 9

G. Cleanner 8


J. Hartland 9

D. Hogan 7


E. Mullan 12

K. Prowse 7


G. Martin 6

A. Mclaurin 6


A. Zacki 8

A. Pitman 7