The Perk


In 2001, it was an exciting dream of two ambitious old boys of Waverley College that had the idea of creating a new style of football club within Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Playing within the Eastern Suburbs Football Association since the Club's inception in 2001, 13 seasons on, Waverley Old Boys Football Club is one of Eastern Suburb's leading football clubs, on and off the field.

Known for its grit, composure and attractive style of football on the field and its professionalism and expertise off the field, Waverley Old Boys is a professionally run club running at a local level, providing its members an experience hard to match.

The founders, Mark Ambour and Michael Kavourakis thank the overwhelming support that the club receives from its members and support networks across Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs.

The club firmly believes that to be part of Waverley Old Boys Football Club is something that comes as a privilege, not a right.


The Founders,

Mark Ambour
Michael Kavourakis

Top Goal Scorers


Thijs Jannick 9

Federico Landaburu 3

Ashley Hawkes 3

Marcello Palazzetti 3

Jim Hems 3


Josh Huntley 7

Josh Silvestre 2

Jim Hinds 2

Jim Hems 2


Miki Bisceglia 3

Rafael Okamoto 2


Rob Rietveld 3

Eli Fajardo 2

Eli Grimaldi 2

AA5 Saturday

Zac Smith 8

Dan Priestly 4



Marcus Vanderhurst 4

Tim Fletcher 3



Tony Di Fede 9

Lloyd Wood 5



Adam Goodes 7

Ian Monteiro 4



Amanda Levaskevich 12

Georgia Kennedy 5



G. Martin 4

A. Mclaurin 3


Blanca Rolnertt 5

Caitlin Goddard 5